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Our extra services

Vehicle safety


To make our clients feel safer about their vehicles, 

we have acquired 5 private parking locations near Venice port in Italy, as often trips have this port as a stop, while waiting the vehicles to be sorted to the final client´s destination.

Team driving


Do you want to get more than one vehicle at once?

No problem, we deliver as many vehicles you wish.

Just place your order and our drivers will take care of all.


NOTE: In case of an order for team driving, usually the vehicles are accompanied by a minivan as support vehicle, for tempestive assistance if some emergency issue may occur.

Port services

download (1).png

If the transport of a vehicle finish at a port, there is always a trusted person there, that assure that all unaccompanied vehicles move to the right ferry, check and secure them, and inform about the departure to the destination given by the client.

More coming....

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